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 Welcome to WTBC Youth Ministry

 Mission Statement

The Youth Ministry at Westside Tabernacle Baptist Church purpose is to assist parents by partnering with them in their God-given role of teaching and training the youth to:

  • Know God
  • Cultivate likeness to Christ
  • Apply spiritual truth to daily life and
  • Serve God and others

 Our objectives are:

  • Building relationships with God and young people.
  • Encouraging young people with God.
  • Connecting with youth in appropriate ways so that they understand God’s relevance to them today.
  • Enabling today’s youth to be tomorrow’s Christian leaders.
  • Planting, teaching and leading Christian life that excite and inspire young people.
  • Impacting young people through the messages of the Bible.
  • Developing young men and women who love the Lord.
  • Using all appropriate methods to excite, capture and ignite young men and women
  • Building strong Christian young men and women on the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ.

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