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 Welcome to WTBC Tuesday Prayer Ministry

 Tuesday Night Prayer & Fellowship

The Tuesday Night Prayer & Fellowship Group was born on September 29, 2003, with the first prayer service held at Sister Rebecca Debarís home in Providence.

 The objective of the Group is two-fold:

  • to have the women pray together outside of the church and fellowship with each other during the week.

  • To avoid conflict with the Wednesday Night Bible Study and Prayer Meeting.The Prayer service was scheduled for Tuesday night from which its name has evolved and Sis. Martha Mangua has evolved as the leader, consistently praying with and for people within and without the State of Rhode Island.

    Though the Fellowship was formed with the women in mind and consists predominantly of members of Tabernacle, some are members of other churches.We prayed for individuals within and without the church and within and without the State of Rhode Island and God has answered.

    Because of the prayers, sick people have been and are being healed, people without jobs have found job, families breaking apart have come back together and living peacefully and couple finding it difficult to have children have had children.

    The Tuesday Night Prayer Fellowship meets every Tuesday commencing at 6 PM at the homes of its members on a rotational basis, and fasts once a month at which time they meet at the church. Attendance and membership are open to all Christians irrespective of denomination and church affiliation. If anyone is interested in attending any of the services or becoming a member, please contact Sister Martha Mangua at 401 453 4071.

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